[Top 7] Money Saver Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo In 2021

Are you looking for the best air purifier and humidifier combo in 2021? The good news is that there are many air purifier humidifier combo out there. You can get 2 in 1 air purifier and humidifier in a single purchase. The humidifier will help you to maintain the moisture of the air and the air purifier cleans the air from dust, dirt, and bacteria.

You can save space, money, and energy bills by purchasing a humidifier and air purifier combo. Also through this article, you can save time searching for the best air purifier and humidifier. because in this article you will find the complete review and buying guide of humidifier and air purifier combo.

Most humidifiers and air purifier combos are either the best purifier or the best humidifier. But 2 in 1 air purifier and humidifier the Sharp Plasmacluster KC-850UH works perfectly both as a humidifier and air purifier. OPOLAR EV01 is the cheapest air purifier and humidifier combo of good quality.

List of the 7 Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo

1. SHARP KC850U PlasmaCluster Air Purifier Humidifier

Triple action Sharp KC850U air purifier is the best air purifier and humidifier combo. Because it can remove pollen, dust particles, germs, pet dander, and bacteria in a single go. So, it is an all-rounder humidifier and air purifier.

This air humidifier and purifier also remove odors and smoke from the air. So, buying it is a total win. Its fan does not make any noise. You can set it at 3 different levels. According to the type of purification your room needs. Its auto mode uses its sensor to check room air quality and set fans accordingly.


  • Coverage Area: 254 sq ft (5 ACH)
  • CADR Rating: 164 Smoke / 174 Pollen/164 Dust
  • Filters: HEPA Filter + Deodorizing Filter + Humidify Filter
  • Water Reservoir: 0.96-gallon
  • Filter Life: 5 years for True HEPA filter plus washable deodorizing filter and 2 years for Humidify filter.
  • Monthly Energy Consumption: $3.2


  • Humidity and dust sensor
  • True HEPA filter with 3-stage
  • For ozone safety CARB compliant
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Activated carbon filter for odor removal, ionizer
  • Automatic built-in humidity control according to room temperate


  • Slightly expensive
  • water tank capacity is less

The Sharp KC-850U is an all-rounder humidifier air purifier combination. It’s true HEPA filter traps 100% of all air pollutants in your room. The best thing is that it has an activated carbon filter. Which removes all odor from the room. This 2 in 1 air purifier and humidifier is worth buying.

2. BONECO W200 Humidifier & Purifier

The Boneco 2-in-1 Air Washer is a purifier and humidifier combo. Which did not filter the air but washes the air. It has special evaporation mats that trap the large particles when they scrub the air.

This air humidifier and purifier are self-regulating. It checks the quality and temperature of air and regulates the humidity accordingly. And it works effectively for all rooms. So, you don’t need to worry about manually regulating it. It can works 10 hours straight. It cleans up to 99% of pollutants from the air in which you breathe.


  • Water tank capacity: 1.2 gals.
  • Runtime: up to 12 hours
  • Coverage area: up to 540 sq. ft.
  • Air purification: evaporator mat


  • Big water tank capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto-adjustable fan
  • Fragrance container
  • 3-dimensional evaporator
  • Large coverage area
  • Sleek design
  • Auto shut off


  • Only traps larger particles such as pet dander and pollen
  • Not best at removing Odors and Smoke
  • Slightly expensive

The BONECO 2-in-1 Air Washer W200 is the best humidifier and air purifier overall. This is because of its easy maintenance, design, and especially low noise production. Plus its coverage area is large. Perk is that it allows essential oils used in the mist.

3. Venta LW15 Humidifier and Air Purifier

Venta LW15 Airwasher is the best humidifier air purifier combo as per tank capacity. This humidifier and air purifier work on cold evaporation technology. Through this, both air filtration and humidification happen. The dirty and dry air pass through Disc stacks. These Disc stacks rotate and trap airborne particles.

The Disc Stacks is reusable after cleaning. This 2 in 1 air purifier and humidifier is simple to use. It has only 2 buttons on the top. One to switch on or off and the other to control the speed setting.


  • Size variants: 3
  • Water Tank Capacity: 5.3 liters to 11.4 liters
  • Recommended room size: 200 sq ft to 800 sq. Ft
  • Runtime: not specified
  • Air purification: Disc Stacks


  • Cleans and Moisturizes the air
  • Two-color options
  • Easy to control
  • Auto shut-off
  • Ultra silent fan
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Self-regulating Filterless technology
  • 10 years warranty


  • Cleaning treatment is expensive
  • No humidity sensor
  • Not really the quietest
  • Bright blue display light

This humidifier and air purifier is a filter-free air purifier plus evaporative. So, the best humidifier air purifier combo works exceptional great all the time. It is lightweight and easily moveable. At low speed, it is ultra-quiet.

4. Oreck WK15500B Humidifier and Air Purifier

If you need the best air purifier and humidifier combo in the market Oreck WK15500B is a good choice. It has a 2-stage filtration system of HEPA and charcoal filters. The HEPA filter traps up to 99% of the particles in the air. It removes pet dander, dust mites, allergens, pollen, and smoke.

The activated charcoal filter neutralizes the unwanted odors. Filters need to be replaced after a time period. This increases its maintenance cost.

This humidifier and air purifier have an ultrasonic humidifier that uses a cool-mist rather than hot steam. Which makes it completely safe. It has a manual and auto humidity control sensor. It has a filter change and water tank filler indicator which makes it innovative. It also has a sleep mode that adjusts the lights and lowers the speed to keep the system silent.


  • Water tank capacity: not specified
  • Runtime: up to 15 hours
  • Coverage area: up to 115 sq. ft.
  • Air purification: HEPA and charcoal filters


  • Two-stage filtration
  • ultrasonic humidifier
  • Built-in humidistat
  • Filter indicator
  • Quiet
  • Water tank refill indicator
  • No setup
  • Auto shutoff
  • Has a sleep mode


  • Expensive
  • Both filters need replacement
  • Small water tank

One of the many reasons to buy this air humidifier and purifier all in one is its slim design. Which can fit in any place and without taking much space. It has an ultrasonic humidifier which is quite impressive. Built-in humidifier adjust humidity levels according to real-time air quality.

5. Dreval D-950 Humidifier and Air Purifier

The air purifier humidifier combo Dreval D-950 has a lot of filters. This 2 in 1 air purifier and humidifier make sure that you breathe in high-quality air. It has a seven-stage air filtration process. These stages are cold catalyst filter, ultraviolet germicide light, antibacterial filter, anion purification, cellular activated carbon filter, HEPA filter, and ultrasonic humidifying.

This best air purifier and humidifier combo filter pollen, bacteria, allergens, dust, and odor. Its coverage is 430 square feet of room. The 245 nm wavelength UV light kills germs. The ultrasonic humidifier control humidity and provide a cooling sensation. Which provides some ease during coughs.

The water tank is quite small. The sleep mode help in providing a calm and quiet environment. It is also kids friendly unit.


  • Water tank capacity: 0.5 gal.
  • Runtime: not specified
  • Coverage area: up to 430 sq. ft.
  • Air purification: cellular activated carbon, cold catalyst, true HEPA filters, ionizer, UV sterilizer


  • Smart alert
  • Easy to control.
  • Childproof lock
  • Large coverage area
  • The seven-stage filtration process offers clean air
  • Sleep mode ensures silence
  • Remote control


  • Very expensive
  • Small water tank
  • Large size

The 2 in 1 air purifier and humidifier Dreval D-950 seven-stage air purification process is sensational. But, the tiny water tank needs repetitive refilling in a day.

6. BBlüv – Ümi Humidifier and Air Purifier

The humidifier and air purifier combo bblüv Ümi has a low price and high features. This air humidifier and purifier all in one is worth to buy. It does not make any noise. It is used for bedroom and nursery. It does not require filter replacement because it works on ionization technology. It captures allergens, germs, and bacteria from the air. Then neutralize these particles and turn the air healthy to breathe.

It has a large water tank that needs refiling after 28 hours it is continuously humidifying. Also depending on which mode it is running. If the humidifier is empty it automatically shuts down. Refilling is quite annoying because for this you need to flip the machine to reach the tank.

This air purifier humidifier combo is easy and simple to control. From the digital control panel, you can set the level of cool mist, the nightlight, and the timer.


  • Water tank capacity: 1 gal.
  • Runtime: up to 28 hours
  • Coverage area: up to 538 sq. ft.
  • Air purification: ionization


  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Decent price
  • Timer and auto functions
  • Bid water tank


  • Fills from the bottom

This humidifier and air purifier combo bblüv Ümi is best if your budget is low. It has a unique feature of aromatherapy. You can add essential oils to the aroma diffuser. It will distribute with a clean mist. It has 360-degree rotary output so, you can control the direction of the mist. It is best for small rooms and nurseries.

7. BBlüv – Opolar evo1 Humidifier and Air Purifier

OPOLAR EV01 is an air purifier humidifier combo for a small room. Its primary function is to maintain relative humidity but it also has an efficient air purification system. Its coverage is 108 sq ft room and the water tank size is 0.8-gallon. According to coverage, this water tank is quite large. It does not need to be refilled between night. So, you can easily keep it running at night.

POLAR EV01 also purifies the air. It has a honeycomb structure filters embedded inside. Filters are durable because they are made of polyester and nylon. Which traps mineral deposits, dust, and other air pollutants.


Coverage Area: 108 sq ft (5 ACH)
Runtime: up to 24 hours
CADR Rating: N/A
Filters: HEPA-Like Filter
Water Tank Capacity: 3 liters
Humidification type: Physical evaporation
Air Purification type: Negative ion generation
Monthly Energy Consumption: $1.2


  • Best humidifier for small room (108 sq ft)
  • Easy to refill and clean
  • 0.8-gallon tank which lasts 24 hours
  • Evenly dispels the invisible mist
  • Quiet operation
  • Durable filter
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Less price


  • No humidistat to automatically maintain the humidity level
  • No auto shut off
  • Small for large room
  • Difficult buttons
  • Bright blue LED light annoys at night
  • The air purification function does not match the HEPA filter

OPOLAR EV01 does not make noise and also energy-efficient plus cheap. So, this humidifier and air purifier have low consumption costs. This the only air purifier and humidifier combo of less than $100.

Features to consider while choosing a humidifier and air purifier combo

1. Water Tank Capacity

Water tank capacity should be enough that it can run a full night. If you don’t require to run a humidifier and air purifier at night then you can compromise on it. The bigger water tank is best because it will not need constant refills.

2. Runtime

Runtime depends on the levels of machine working and water tank capacity. At lower speed, the run time will be more and at high speed the more quickly the water tank will get empty.

3. Coverage area

It is an important feature to consider. Because if you buy a humidifier and air purifier combo which has less coverage area and you run it in the large room. Then it will annoy you because it will be not enough for the room. Plus it will not solve your problems of dryness, and clean air. You buy accordingly to the space in which you will be using it.


1. How often will I have to refill the water tank?

It depends on the two factors one size of the water tank and the speed of the humidifier and air purifier. Small water tanks and high speed both lead you to refill it repeatedly in a day.

2. Can you use an air purifier and humidifier together?

Big yes, humidifier moistens the air so you don’t feel dryness an air purifier cleans the air from pollutants and allergens.

3. Do Humidifiers Filter Air?

No, humidifiers are not filtering your air, they are increasing the humidity of the air, which means moisture. Air purifiers filter the air. Luckily humidifier and air purifier combo exist which has both separate functions within one device.


Breathing in healthy air and maintaining a quality environment within a house can be achieved by investing in just one device. So, you should buy the humidifier and air purifier combo and experience the quality of life. A humidifier will prevent dry skin, chapped lips, and breathing issues. And air purifiers remove air pollutants and allergens. So, go ahead and buy the best air purifier and humidifier combo which suits your requirements.

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