7 Handpicked Best Air Purifiers For Smoke Under $100 In 2021:Review & Buying Guide

Finding a suitable cleaner from the market to filter the pollutant and prevent your health from the havoc effects is difficult. Don’t worry. We get you from head to toe and make a list of the 7 best air purifiers for smoke under $100.

Our homes and the older building mostly consist of allergens, especially molds, pet odors, and polluting your living environment. Do you want to clear up all of the smoky pollutants from your living space? The best purifier for smoke 2021 is the only way to tackle this issue.

The best purifiers for smoke stop germs from spreading and inhibit sickness. Who would not want a clean and healthier environment for a living?

Now you realized the importance of clear air by air purifiers. That why we put a great afford to find out the best cleaners of 2021 and make a list for you. These affordable budget air purifiers list will enable you to select which one is suitable for your home.

So, without any lengthy discussion list, overview our list, and get started.

List of The 7 Best Air Purifier for Smoke Under $100

Let’s have an in-depth look over the best purifiers list of 2021.

1. AeraMax 100 Air Purifier

AeraMax is the best air purifier for smoke under $100 due to its fantastic performance. Furthermore, its 4-stage purification technology includes AeraSafe Antimicrobial Treatments, carbon filters, True HEPA filter, and Plasma True Technology. Ideal for helping in tackling the issues regarding bad air and pollutants.

When we discuss its 4-stage performance system in detail, we came to know that the AeraMax Activated carbon filter system can capture large smoke or air pollutants. In contrast, its antimicrobial treatment stops the growth of mildew, and fungi, and odor-causing bacteria.

Furthermore, the plasma True feature act as an ionizer to remove airborne pollutants. The right HEPA filter is featured with highly efficient technology of trapping 99.9% smoke and dirt particles.

The reason for placing AeraMax on top of our list is the elegant design to safely getting rid of smoke, germs, allergens, and everyday domestic odors. Moreover, this purifier can purify a room up to 200 square feet. But its CADR level is a bit low, 69 for the smoke, and it takes some time to purify the air. Hence at the lowest setting, its noise level will be 35 decibels; yeah, it’s the relatively lowest noise level.


  • AeraMax Purifier is certified by the Asthma Society of Canada.
  • Light in weight with compact size.
  • The well-built, durable design has a touch screen display.


  • CADR level is 68 for smoke, considered somewhat low.

2. Germ Guardian best air purifier

Germ Guardian the best air purifier for smoke removal and most of the common allergens. However, Germs Guardian is zapped with a combination of UV-C light and filters to eliminate pollens, pets, molds, dust, and dander from your room.

Meanwhile, the charcoal filter brings down the scant of dinner. We consider Germ cleaner the best in preventing the hazardous effects of pollutants on your health. That’s the most prominent and foremost reason why you need this purifier for dirt and smoke?

Then come to its 3-stage filtration technology. First, the True HEPA filter manages to capture 99.9% of indoor smoke particles or odors. Plus, its UV-C light for killing airborne bacteria and stop the growth of bacteria, viruses, and germs. Also, you can turn off the light during the night to get a sweet and safe sleep.

Moreover, perfect for the medium room as it covers an area of 187 square feet. Germ guardian will make your sleeping time operational with its 40 dB noise level, causing no disturbance.


  • Sleek in design and light in weight.
  • AHAM verified and energy star certified.
  • Charcoal and carbon filters for neutralizing smoke and reduction of odor.


  • No auto timer feature.

3. LEVOIT LV-H132 air purifier

If you are looking for a sufficiently compact air purifier, then consider the LEVOIT LH-H132 air purifier. You can place it’s over the table, desktop, or shelf without fear of being broken. Then come to its remarkable 3 stage purification technology—the HEPA filter removes smoke and eliminates 99.8% of airborne contaminants. LEVOIT LV-H132 eliminate smaller smoke particle below then 0.3 microns. However, its three fan speeds of the air purifier can operate at three different airflow variation levels.

Similarly, it can coverup a small room and purify it within 4 hours. Then the carbon filters help in getting rid of smoke and naturized your living space. Moreover, we like its ambient blue light to act as an indicator to alert you about the time to replace the filter. But LEVOIT LV-H132 has a noise level of just 25 dB. Unfortunately, Levoit LV-H132 is non-ideal for the large room but suitable for a single room of 86 square feet. Always come with two years of warranty.


  • Levoit LV-H132 is certified from the FCC and ETL listed for the indoor cleaning device.
  • Compact and elegant design.
  • There is a light indicator for changing filters.


  • It’s not suitable for a larger room.

4. Hamilton Beach True HEPA 04384A Air Purifier

We consider Hamilton another best purifier of 2021 under 100$. This high performing air purifier produces clean air essential for your health while the noise level is 60 decibels.

An effective air purifier for a small room up to 160 square feet. Also, clear up all of the smoke and dust particles by its 3-stage filtration system. The HEPA filter captures dander and airborne harmful particles and eliminates 99% of germs from your room.

However, the HEPA filter captures all of the dander and dust particle from your room. However, it’s primarily designed to reduce odors. The fantastic thing we admired about this cleaner is the replaceable filter system. You can replace HEPA with activated carbon zeolite and aid in reducing unwanted household odors from smoke and pets.

You can use a whisper, clean extra quiet operational system at night to avoid noise disturbance. Moreover, Hamilton comes with a one-year warranty for customer satisfaction, so what more you need for 100$ only?


  • Quick in cleaning and easy to use.
  • Light in weight with affordable price.
  • Compact in size and durable for prolonged use.


  • No CADR and no ionizer.

5. MOOKA Air Purifier for Home

MOOKA is ultimately an environment-friendly air cleaner filtering out particles as small as 0.3 microns. Also, remove 99.97 percent of dust, molds, spore, and pollens—however, it’s equipped with 3 stage filtration technology system. The True HEPA filter capable of effectively removes odor, dust, and smoke from your room.

The carbon filter can eliminate cigarette smoke, food burning, and any pet odors. Moreover, MOOKA air purifiers offer you an LED light feature, but this light will make you sleep uncomfortable as it becomes brighter at night.

Hence the LED light is blue and remove, so it’s up to your preference to use it or remove it. Although you want to live with light, then MOOKA is not a wrong choice under 100$ only. However, the MOOKA air purifier comes with one year of warranty. The incredible thing is that all of its features are perfect for babies, the elderly, children, and teenagers to improve your room’s air quality.

When we talk about its elegant design, it is easy to operate, having a single button to off or ON the filter fans. Furthermore, it’s able to purify the air up to 50 cubic meters.


  • This air purifier uses accurate HEPA technology.
  • Portable construction with a sleek design.
  • No ozone releases with removable LED lights.


  • It is suitable only for small room coverage area.

6. PARTU HEPA Air Purifier

PART HEPA is a well-known cleaner from the market due to its quality performance. Although easy to operate having soft little noise. It can remove the finest dirt or smoke particle, making your indoor air healthier and safe.

That the only reason, we consider PARTU HEPA Air Purifier is one of the best air purifiers for smoke under $100.We are impressed by its high-quality services for purifying. Also, PARTU HEPA is 100% Ozone free with an efficient 3 stage filtration system. A pre-filter system enables the removal of most fine smoke particles, including pollens and odor or pet dander.

Similarly, the HEPA filter system removes 99.9% of dust and dirt elements. Even can filter 0.3 microns in size. Furthermore, the activated carbon removes cigarette smoke and cooking smell. The carbon ionization system is a cable for neutralizing air pollutants.

More importantly, this air purifier can work virtually up to 107 square feet, having a noise level of 24 dB only. The most incredible feature is you don’t need to change the filter daily. PART HEPA can run over six months without filter change and offer two years of warranty—that’s why we selected PARTU and put it into our list of top air purifiers under 100$.


  • Ozone free operation.
  • Black durable case with elegant design.
  • Affordable price with warranty.


  • A bit weak fan power.

7. Home Labs Air Purifier

HomeLabs is Another authentic HEPA air purifier under 100$ only. Home labs significantly improve your indoor air quality. And filter out smoke, dirt, cooking odors, and pet smells. Ideal for your office cabin, living room as it’s the real deal under a tight budget.

It is featured by 3 stage cleaning system for extended-lasting filtration. A pre-filter, Carbon filter, and HEPA filter helps eliminate 99.9% dust and smoke particle. You will surprise with the result as it is capable of removing the smallest particles effectively. Although it can be noisy at high speed, the noise is bearable and comfortable for sleep.


  • Portable and Elegant design.
  • Effective purification.
  • Ideal for bedrooms, especially babies.


  • It is useful for smaller rooms only.

How To Buy The Best Air Purifier For Smoke Under $100?

Buying Guide

Before buying a purifier, you have to consider a few features in the product, which will make a better buying experience. Besides a better buying experience, you will be satisfied with the product as well. For your convenience, we have listed some features that you should look into in the purifier.

Cost for Replacement of Filters

The purifier has to replace the filters after every 12 months that may cost some money. The replacement is necessary to keep everything of the purifier in order. Every purifier’s filter costs differently. So, it is essential to know the cost of replacing the purifier filters you are buying. You should know it is going to add extra costs in the future.

Room Size

Before buying any air purifier, you should know the size of your room. It is necessary because every purifier is specific for different room sizes. So, buying accordingly, but make sure your purifier is AHAM certified. The AHAM certified purifiers deliver for the same room size as mentioned, but others’ ability may vary. So, don’t entirely depend on the product details that may change.


Make sure the purifier does not make much noise as it will be running 24/7. So, don’t judge the purifier just by the performance but also keep the noise factor in mind as well. The average purifier operates at 50dB that is entirely acceptable but don’t buy the one with more noise. Otherwise, you will get annoyed soon by the purifier’s noise.


Through all of the above discussion, you realized how essential air purifiers are for you and your family. We discussed all of the effective air purifiers for removing 99.9 percent of the pollutants. But it’s necessary to change the filters regularly to get the useful and desired results.

Most people wonder it save to use them 24/7? Yes, air purifiers are designed to use the whole day and night to inhale fresh air. By using air purifiers, our home and inhabitants will able to inhale pure air. Indoor air is 100 times dirtier in contrast to the outdoor environment. So, cleaners help eliminate unpleasant air, mostly burnt air, and aid in neutralizing smoke stinks or tarped smoke and keeping your lungs healthy.

It entirely depends on you to choose your favorite one from our list of best air purifier for smoke under $100. Think carefully, choose your best, and click on the buy button with confidence.

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