Does Air Purifier Cool The Room? Find Out The Perfect Answer Today!

does air purifier cool the room

Technology is crazy! A device that is invented to fulfill a motive also attains a different objective. The above case is the same as that of the air purifiers. Air purifiers have made its way into many homes where it cleanses the dirt from the air making it breathable.

Air purifiers are considered beneficial to people who have Asthma, chemical sensitivity, and allergies. They work by trapping dust, eliminating foul odors, neutralizing smoke and chemical fumes, and removing germs.

But does air purifier cool the room? The answer is both yes and no. At the same time, Air purifiers have no distinct cooling mechanism. Some air purifiers are known to cool the room. How do you ask? Primarily air purifiers have a fan-like structure inside of them that aids the air cleaning process.

As a result, at times, air purifiers present a mirage of cooling when a person stands in the way of it. This is not true for all air purifiers. Several distinct mechanisms go into making different air purifiers. So the ones that do not have an in-built fan may not feel so breezy.

Does Air Purifier Cool the room? Here’s The Answer

Does air purifier cool the room? This is a general question. People often assume that it does. It is essential to understand that air purifiers, in general, do not have cooling qualities that of a ceiling fan or an air conditioner.

Air purifiers do not give out cool air, and it is because of the present fan inside, they sometimes lower the overall temperature of the room, thus causing confusion. On average, the fan inside the air purifier, depending upon the model and filter, has a CFM of 80-300, which is way lower than that of a ceiling fan.

Direction of Airflow

As it is known, ceiling fans have two modes, namely, the summer mode and the winter mode. In the first mode, the fan rotated counter-clockwise to create a flow of air around us, while in winters, this rotation becomes clockwise.

In this mode, the fan pulls air from the ground and pushes the hot air from the ceiling. Hence answering does air purifier cool the room.

As discussed earlier, air purifiers are competent enough as fans though unlike fans, the air direction or the force or the temperature depends on various brands from different manufacturers. Mainly there are two types of air outflow design seen in modern air purifiers.

Does The Direction Of Airflow Matters?

Upward airflow direction: To circulate the air within the room, most of the air purifiers use an upward airflow direction. The air is drawn from backs, sides, or 360-degree full-way designs, making the room warmer by pulling down hot air from the ceiling. This though you would not get any extra benefits in summer, these air purifiers are indeed winter-friendly. But with this air direction, does air purifier cool the room? No, it doesn’t.

Forward airflow direction: On tower-style purifiers, linear air intake and outflow design can be noticed. These particular types of purifiers draw the air from the backside and deliver it via the front. Some air purifiers nowadays use side fans, and these can indeed be beneficial during the summers. So Does air purifier cool the room by forwarding the airflow direction? They, to an extent.

Thus, an air purifier won’t lower the temperature of the room much depending on its airflow rate; an air purifier can be used throughout the year with newer designs. Some of the new designs are the solution to Does air purifier cool the room.

Air Purifiers: Filter less and without Fans

Air purifiers that are filter less and are without fans do not have any cooling effect as they do not have one thing that causes cooling- fans. In the case of these, it is easy to answer the question, does air purifier cool the room.

The air purifiers under these categories are ionic air purifiers and UV air purifiers. Hence if you own such types of air purifiers, do not expect any cooling or drop in temperature because of them.

Air Purifiers: With Filters and Fans

Purifiers with fans and filters are the ones that are believed to have an excellent effect. Due to the filter present in them and the mechanism through which a fan sucks air into the purifier, cleanses it, and pushes it out, these filters have a minor cooling effect.

The main question in the case of these models is, does air purifier cools the room or gives the illusion of cooling? As these purifiers manage to create an airflow and light breeze, technically, they should cool air.

If your air purifier’s breeze owing to the fan is strong enough, it might cool your room. The issue is that traditional air purifiers are not built in a way that they are capable of pushing out air with such force.

Air purifiers do not have the same coolant capacity as a fan or an air conditioner. Especially looking at how the heat in our surroundings is rising day by day, even fans cannot cope with this temperature rise.


So to answer the main concern depends solely on the type of air purifier. While some air purifiers have a particular breezy nature, the same is not valid for all air purifiers.

The combo air purifiers fulfill the need for an air purifier along with a coolant. Hence perfect for people looking for both features. In case of these, the answer to does air purifier cools the room is affirmative.

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